She lurks through the shadows, watching you,
With black pupils, green eyes, she watches everything you do
Without an accessory, you won’t know she’s there
You’ll never notice when she stops and stares

She’s an assassin, cloaked in cuteness
She’s a ninja, cloaked in whiteness
She watches you whenever you walk by
She’ll watch you with a lazy eye

She’s a lethal creature, yet also lazy
At other times she can be very crazy.
During the day she’ll lie in the sun
During the night it’s her time for fun

She hisses when she’s mad, and purrs when happy,
But she never really gets too sappy.
She’ll bring out her claws and look with a glare,
This is a creature you must handle with care.

When playful, claws come out, not meant to harm
But still I have scratches up and down my arm
Yet I still love her and hold her close
Sometimes even kiss her sweet little nose.

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