AIESEC girls are…

Umblam hai-hui pe Facebook, uitându-mă pe nişte poze de la o conferinţă internaţională din vara lui 2008, când am remarcat că respectivul album făcea parte dintr-un grup dedicat fetelor din organizaţie. Şi cum pisicile sunt mai curioase din fire, am dat click să văd despre ce era vorba.

So what’s special about the AIESEC Ladies?

-Have global awareness

-Love to learn about other cultures

-Are not ignorant of world issues

-Able to make lifetime friends with one another within 5 minutes and no cat fight

-Great dancers

-Go beyond of what is expected

-Open minded

-Never judge before getting to know others

-Have much more to say than being superficial

-Can take care of school, work, and AIESEC at the same time AND enjoy every second of life

-Work hard and play hard

-Know how to organize kick-ass events, make incredible exchanges, create awesome Roll Calls, create and deliver on huge contracts, be great leaders, dance great and just look gorgeous

-Have more boys (come on, we have the entire world pool of AIESEC boys who are CUTER!!!)

…and the list goes on.

Seriously, if you have met one, you would know exactly what I mean.

AIESEC Girls Are Sexier + Cuter + Smarter + Better


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