Experimentează lumea – partea a 11-a

Când ne întreabă oamenii ce înseamnă AIESEC pentru noi, cei care facem parte din această rasă optimistă şi mereu cu zâmbetul pe buze, răspunsul vine aproape automat şi nu diferă prea mult în cele peste 100 de ţări şi teritorii independente în care activează organizaţia: internaţionalism. Puteţi să-i mai ziceţi şi şoc cultural. De cele mai multe ori, tocmai şocul cultural defineşte o experienţă în străinătate oferită de AIESEC.

Şi nu de puţine ori putem să spunem că i-am supravieţuit. Unii sunt mai norocoşi, alţii păţesc ca Alexandra. Staţi liniştiţi, nimeni nu a fost rănit (fizic) în timpul editării postului care va urma. Poate doar sufleteşte.

If life gives you lemons… make lemonade!!!!

God thoughts before Alexandra’s coming to Ghana:

“So she thinks she is an AIESECer… she doesn’t need training or cultural preparation… She was in 15 countries so far, she thinks she knows what a cultural shock is… She believes she is a survivor and nothing could break her spirit… So what should I do?…

I’ll break her laptop… one function at a time…

I’ll steal her iPod… it’s just the most personal and beautiful gift she has from her sister…

I’ll steal her favourite purse… why should she remember she has friends at home?

I’ll give her an ***** job… maybe she didn’t appreciate her MC term at its real value…

I’ll give her an annoying neighbour… she shouldn’t feel too comfortable in her own house…

She’ll meet a really great guy… He will leave after 2 weeks to his home country….

What else… let me think let me think…”

Hello my darling friends…

If you’re asking what I am doing… the answer is “not so well”. I started searching for plane tickets again…. I got robbed last evening… so again “Welcome to Ghana Alexandra!” I didn’t cry… I refuse to cry in this country…

If you want to go in an internship… choose Europe, choose Asia, choose anything you like… don’t choose Ghana! Still, if you want a life changing experience and you think Ghana is the place, leave any possessions you love at HOME. If you have shoes, clothes that you like, don’t bring them here, they will be ruined in a week… If you have an iPod, a phone, a watch, whatever… leave it home! Anything that you want to bring with you… just don’t… change your mind before it is too late!

So they stole my purse… What did I lose?

The purse – was a gift for my 24 years old birthday, from my best friends… how I loved it 😦

My iPod Nano – it was a gift from my sister, it was pink and had an inscription on it in Romanian saying how much she loves me… it was my favourite thing in the world 😦

My phone – It’s my mother birthday this week and I can’t even call her and tell her that I love her!

KLepo’s third phone – well… you have to ask him if it meant anything…

My house key – we had to break the door from my room… this was actually kind of fun!

My money – thank god I didn’t had too much with me, but still I don’t think I have enough money to survive till my first payment!

The trust I have in people – I don’t think I will recover it too soon!

If life gives you lemons make lemonade 🙂

Me not happy 😦

PS: I decided to consider this another experience that will beautifully shape my character until I will find what I am really looking for… It’s getting harder and harder 🙂

PPS: I actually had a great weekend before I got robbed 🙂

PPPS: 153 days, 4 hours, 54 minutes and 4 seconds until I will be in Romania again 😀


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