Experimentează lumea – partea a zecea

With every post from her, I start liking Ghana more and more. I wonder how Ukraine will be…

Why do I hate Sunday mornings?

It wasn’t used to be like that…

Sunday mornings where the best moments in the week for me… Sleeping late, having lunch with my family if I was with them, relaxing, watching TV… Well… I am in Ghana now and I can tell you for sure that it isn’t going to be like that for me any more…

If you wonder why, the answer is quite simple… I have the misfortune to live near a church. Every Sunday from 9 to 12 people are praying in the church, singing and yelling and I feel like I am in the middle of a rock concert, in the first row. And when I say yelling, I mean really yelling!!! Or maybe roaring and howling are better words that describe what I heard. And they have these loudspeakers, to make sure that the entire city is hearing them…

I woke up scared because I wasn’t sure what was happening… well from now on I will know, and I hope I will be able to keep my sanity!!! Don’t understand me wrong… I don’t have a problem with religion and other people beliefs. I admire people that go to church every week, believe in good and in God, it doesn’t really matter which God. But I admire them when they don’t disturb my peace of mind. Everyone makes choices. Well not this time. It is not my choice to listen to the Sunday morning prayers. In Romania, police would come and arrest them for disturbing the public peace, in Accra I guess it’s something normal!

I asked Mr. Roger (the care taker) what was going on, and he says that we cannot do anything to make them decrease the volume. If we go there, they will say that we are the Devil representatives. Me – the devils representative? Come on! I was furious. Adaptation in Ghana isn’t easy, and the fact that I am leaving near a church isn’t helping much…

Anyway, next weekend I am leaving for a short trip, so I won’t hear the Sunday Church Meeting 🙂 Thank you God for taking care of me… I promise I will never complain again in Romania 🙂

Me adapting!

PS: My grandmother was always complaining that I don’t go to church enough… I guess her dream came true… This is like going to church every week… even if the religion is a different one, God might the same, right? 😛


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