Experimentează lumea – partea a treia

Povestea unui membru AIESEC din Republica Moldova, care a ales să-şi petreacă vara şi să-şi realizeze internshipul in „the land of choice”. Îmi cer scuze, este în engleză.

“Matched” is the status of an eXchange participant’s personal form (so-called EP form) in the virtual eXchange database, which means the company / NGO / project the respective person applied for an internship to has accepted his/her application and is ready to receive this participant in its home country.

The internship place I have applied for is the international project “Learn to Change the Future 2009” organized by AIESEC in Craiova in Romania. And now I am officially accepted to come to Craiova, which is at the south-west of Romania, and join the team of 7 interns from Canada, Lithuania, the Russian Federation, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine… and now also the Republic of Moldova. Together we must deliver some trainings on the environment protection to high-school students in Craiova and involve them in the improvement of the ecological situation in the city.

The following status of my EP form should be “Realized”, meaning that I am in Romania having my desired internship experience. However, certain obstacles have appeared here with the biggest one to be obtaining visa to Romania. This is a silly paradox: it was so easy to receive visa to Sweden and Brazil situated far away from Moldova, but a real bureaucratic inferno to get the necessary sticker in the passport for coming to the neighbouring country of Romania. At the Romanian embassy each point and comma in the application documents were verified and asked about several times by different persons. Due to such bureaucratic challenges I am still in Moldova, although the project had started 8 days ago.

Nevertheless I have managed to apply for the Romanian visa and should get it in 3 – 5 days. On the date of receiving my passport with this sticker I will immediately board the bus and travel to Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and from there by train to Craiova.

I am still optimistic to see the “Realized” status of my EP form, in other words, to have the expected internship.

Shurik, suntem alături de tine 🙂


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